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4 returns initiative


The AlVelAl association brings together the plateau regions of Granada, Los Veléz, Alto Almanzora, Guadix and the Northeast of Murcia, well known for their production of high quality rain-fed almonds. One of our main aims is to mobilize the local communities and to convey that the vision of a self-sufficient region, full of life and growth, is achievable when ecological agriculture and livestock techniques that improve the soil’s fertility and absorption of water are applied.


AlVelAl, together with the relevant institutions and organisations, organises events that promote and respect the knowledge of the participating farming and ecotourism professionals. We support the recovery and expansion of t protected areas in the river basins and encourage the restoration of biological corridors in order to foster the conservation of biodiversity.


AlVelAl is a 4 returns initiative supported by the Commonland Foundation which promotes the following approach: the return of inspiration, social capital, natural capital and financial capital in three zones: the natural, the mixed and the economic zone, over a period of 20 years.

“Our most valuable assets are soil and water.”

In order to take care of the soil and water we apply regenerative agriculture and ecological and extensive livestock farming practices which improve the soil, prevent erosion and restore water balance.


Our objective is to produce food for today without harming the future for later generations. Regenerative agriculture includes a set of techniques that regenerate the soil and in the process capture carbon dioxide (soil is the most important carrier of carbon). Generally we use compost, green cover or/and perennial plants so that the bare soil is never exposed.

Furthermore, we encourage grazing by the livestock the way the wildlife would do. This offers ecological benefits that go further than storage of carbon: it effectively reduces soil erosion, re-mineralizes it, restores the population of beneficial soil microorganisms, protects groundwater purity and minimizes  damage caused by the infiltration of pesticides and harmful fertilisers.

AlVelAl members are organised into different working groups who design different strategies to achieve the association goals. Our first activities have included the organization of several educational workshops, meetings with professionals in different sectors, debates about trade opportunities in the rural territory, among others.


AlVelAl is certified

Forest Ecosystem Restoration Standard by


Voluntary Conservation Areas by


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