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Training favours social cohesion in the territory and encourages entrepreneurs to set up sustainable businesses that generate employment and a future for the territory.

AlVelAl runs workshops and courses in agriculture, including livestock raising, as well as in tourism, cultural aspects and the environment; thus giving value to the heritage and traditions of our territory.

The workshops are play a vital role, not only to spread the message to farmers, but also to create a legacy and strengthen social cohesion.

AlVelAl organises a diverse range of workshops that deal with topics such as the reading of the land, regenerative agriculture techniques, water management, the 4 returns business model, entrepreneurship, social innovation and cultural heritage.

Training in agriculture

AlVelAl provides training in all aspects of the agricultural sector, with the aim of communicating and sharing good practices on farms, improving water retention and reducing erosion, improving soil fertility and increasing biodiversity. Farms showing the benefits of regenerative agriculture.


One of AlVelAl’s objectives is to train farmers in regenerative practices, but it also aims to train trainers, thus boosting local capacity, empowerment and also upgrading the general local knowledge, enforcing the transfer of knowledge.

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