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4 returns

AlVelAl aims to convert the region to a prosperous one with a strengthened economy that is rich in biodiversity and resources. Our focus is large-scale and based on the philosophy of the 4 returns.

Return of inspiration: Reversing desertification and rural abandonment resulting in an improvement of the living conditions, beautification of the landscape and the creation of a clear perspective for the future

Return of social capital: By creating employment opportunities, skilling-up through workshops and courses, and the development of a network of professional contacts, we aim to slow migration out of the region and strengthen our cultural and historical heritage.

Return of natural capital: By reducing erosion, increasing soil fertility and restoring the water cycle, we can increase biodiversity and functionality of the ecosystem.

Return of financial capital: By increasing and making sustainable the income of both the producers and business people,  thus revitalising the region.

Our vision: 4 returns, 3 zones, 20 years

AlVelAL promotes the economic regeneration of the Altiplano using a model that assures the 4 returns (return of inspiration and social, natural, financial capital) in 3 zones (natural, mixed and economic) within a period of 20 years.

This approach, designed by the international organisation, Commonland, consists in developing business cases with a regenerative character that increases employment opportunities. AlVelAl promotes this approach in order to improve education, health and security in a natural environment with more biodiversity, more fertile soils and better maintained water tables by using a sustainable economic model centred in the people and their environment.

We are thus working towards ensuring that  AlVelAl products, such as almonds, honey, Segureño lamb, aromatics, wine, oil or fruit and vegetables; are correctly valued. This means focusing not only on their production but also on their transformation and commercialization, so that the added value remains in our territory.


An exciting challenge for the future: Integrated Production Ecosystem

This productive system model focuses on the production of organic rain-fed almonds integrated with other locally produced goods (aromatics, honey, Segureño lamb). The goal is to increase productivity, diversify the economy, restore biodiversity and dignify life in the countryside, thus generating a healthy and inspiring landscape.

This initiative aims to improve  the social-economic, environmental and cultural conditions in a rural habitat threatened by depopulation, desertification and the lack of economic opportunities.

An integrated ecosystem, such as La Almendrehesa, able to generate the 4 returns was the first 4 returns business case developed in the AlVelAl territory. It is a key project that has helped to increase the economic level of the region, create a positive outlook for the future and generate confidence in the Commonland and AlVelAl initiatives.

La Almendrehesa is a business that aims to process and sell high-quality almonds and other products such as wine, honey, aromatics, olives and Segureño lamb, all of which are produced in regenerative AlVelAl farms. It thus  represents an innovative and viable economic model that provides an alternative  conventional farming practices that have degraded our landscapes; and that it is extrapolated to other crops such as olive groves.


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