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Our territory


 AlVelAl territory

Our regions are characterized by the production of healthy foods (we have the largest area of ecologically produced rain-fed almonds in the world and the excellent Segureño lamb that has a protected geographical indication), hospitable people and an impressive natural, historic-artistic, ethnographic and gastronomic heritage. but also degraded soils and significant drought, so we have to take care of the soil and water as the basis of our life.

The AlVelAl initative was named after the three founding regions: the Plateau (Altiplano) of Granada, Los Veléz and Alto Amanzora, which were later joined by the Northeast of Murcia and the Guadix region.


A territory known worldwide for its production of high quality rain-fed almonds with more than 100.000 hectares of agricultural land of which 45.000 hectares are cultivated using organic techinques.

The AlVelAl Association was initiated with a belief that positive change in a cohesive territory is possible. We do this by uniting the High Steppe regions, but also creating synergies with people and institutions located in neighboring regions of similar characteristics in Almeria, Granada, Murcia and Jaen.

Altiplano de Granada- Los Vélez-Alto Almanzora-Noroeste de Murcia-Guadix

 Worldwide reference: organically produced rain-fed almonds



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