Who we are?

We are an Association that unites farmers, livestock breeders, businessmen from various sectors, traders, researchers from universities and other institutions, as well as citizens with the same concern and vision for the future: to improve socio-economic, environmental and cultural conditions; to face current threats such as depopulation, desertification and lack of opportunities. In short, to build a more prosperous future for our land.

Our goal is to restore the landscape by creating business cases that add value to local products and generate sustainable employment. At AlVelAl we are committed to positive change and the cohesion of territories with common historical and cultural roots such as the Altiplano de Granada, Los Vélez, the Alto Almanzora Noroeste de Murcia and Guadix.

Board directors

President of AlVelAl

Antonio Amador Ramírez

Vicepresident of AlVelAl

Vicepresident of AlVelAl

Secretary of AlVelAl

Luis Ramírez



Treasurer of AlVelAl


Equipo Técnico

Coordinator AlVelAl

Coordinator AlVelAl

Natural Zone

Regenerative Agriculture

Communication and marketing

Arantza Ilarduya de Diego

Support Regenerative Agriculture

4 Returns Business Case Advisor

Antonio García

Support Comunication and marketing

Coordinator Destination AlVelAl Project
culture and tourism

Monitoring and evaluation


C/ Paseo, 1

Chirivel, Almería

Teléfono: (34) 685 812 881
 Email: info@alvelal.es

 Web: www.alvelal.net

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