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The AlVelAl association, hand in hand with important institutions and organizations, organizes and supports activities that help construct a thriving future for our land. Those activities always encourage and recognize the dignity of the professionals working in agriculture, eco-tourism, etc.

Training in regenerative agriculture 

The restoration of microorganisms in the soil is crucial for regenerative agriculture. Since 2015 AlVelAl has conducted more than 40 workshops, organized by its members. This has favoured social cohesion in the territory and encouraged entrepreneurs to start up businesses related to the agricultural sector for the implementation of techniques that care for the soil and the landscape.

Work in regenerative farms

At AlVelAl we provide technical consultancy in restoration on those member farms that request it and which are located within our territory.

Common Production Centre


The Common Production Centre is a collaborative project between the Clúster de la Agroindustria del Altiplano de Granada, the Diputación de Granada, the Ayuntamiento de Huéscar and AlVelAl, which offers a common space for the production of processed vegetables and meat, facilities that are certified organic and have sanitary registration, so that the products produced there can be marketed. More information about this service.



Half a thousand people are involved in this initiative including producers, entrepreneurs, foundations and scientific institutions and universities. Social dynamization has been crucial to achieve our objectives, courses, workshops, knowledge transfer and awareness raising days...; AlVelAl members and their representatives are very active at local, regional and even international events.

Economic activation

We are working on identifying business cases with restoration potential throughout the territory. In the three years of AlVelAl's life, the company Almendrehesa has launched a key project for AlVelAl, which helps to increase the economic level of the region, creates a positive future perspective and generates confidence in the Commonland-AlVelAl initiative for eco-social restoration.
In addition, other business cases have been developed under the 4 Returns philosophy, such as the company Enarmonía which, supported by the 4 Returns Fund, is working on the design of farms that reduce erosion, increase infiltration and improve fertility.

Entrepreneurship Commission.
In order to support entrepreneurship and encourage the creation of companies in the territory with 4 Returns philosophy, the Entrepreneurship Commission was created. It aims to promote entrepreneurial culture in the area of our territory in all areas of the society of the territory AlVelAl as well as employment in the agro-livestock sector.
This commission has the spirit of informing and advising the partners in the areas of entrepreneurship, economy, finance and marketing in the adoption of measures to promote their companies and farms and in improving employability. More information

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With the aim of providing an amount to entrepreneurs interested in launching innovative business cases, high impact, based on the restoration of the landscape and the 4 Returns; the association launches the IDEAS fund. Exclusively for members and partners, this fund has a total budget of 90,000 euros with a maximum of 9,000 euros per project for the maximum co-financing of 80%.

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