The AlVelAl association, hand in hand with important institutions and organizations, organizes and supports activities that help construct a thriving future for our land. Those activities always encourage and recognize the dignity of the professionals working in agriculture, eco-tourism etc.

Training in regenerative agriculture and almond-tree management.

The restoration of soil microbiology is crucial to regenerative agriculture. Since 2015 AlVelAl has carried out more than 40 workshops in this area. This has favoured local social cohesion and propitiated the development of compost-related businesses by entrepreneurs, either through its production or by offering technical advice, hiring out machinery,among others.

Work in regenerative farms

We currently have the involvement of 63 property owners, more than 8,200 hectares, who are already applying soil regeneration techniques. Providing technical advice on restoration in those member farms that request it and are located within the AlVelAl territory. 


Several hundred people are involved in this initiative including producers, businesspeople, foundations and scientific institutions and universities. This social revitalisation has been crucial for us to achieve our aims. The members of AlVelAl and their representatives are very active on a local and regional level, and also participate at international events.

Economic activation

Day of Rural Pride.
With the aim of valuing the dignity of the countryside, highlighting the importance that the rural world has in the lives of people and society both rural and urban, the association AlVelAl and Savia Foundation, in collaboration with the City of Serón and its neighbors celebrated the Day of Rural Pride on 6 and 7 April 2019 in this municipality of Alto Almanzora. A meeting in which to value and reflect on the rural world, who we are, where we are and where we are headed.

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We are working on identifying business cases with regenerative potential in the whole territory. In the two years since AlVelAl was founded we have launched La Almendrehesa, a key AlVelAl business project, which has helped to increase the economic level of the region, create a positive outlook for the future, and generateconfidence in the Commonland-AlVelAl initiative.

We have also developed other business cases under the 4 returns philosophy such as a composting plant that was set up to provide high quality organic soil to AlVelAl members who cannot produce it themselves. Another business is Enarmonía (In Harmony) that undertakes design work for farms to help them reduce erosion, increase soil infiltration rates and improve fertility.

Entrepreneurship Commission.
In order to support entrepreneurship and encourage the creation of companies in the territory with 4 Returns philosophy, the Entrepreneurship Commission was created. It aims to promote entrepreneurial culture in the area of our territory in all areas of the society of the territory AlVelAl as well as employment in the agro-livestock sector.
This commission has the spirit of informing and advising the partners in the areas of entrepreneurship, economy, finance and marketing in the adoption of measures to promote their companies and farms and in improving employability. More information


Business case ‘Gold Nuggets’ (Pepitas de Oro)

Our first major business success was the creation of a distinctive brand of organic rain-fed almonds of premium quality cultivated using regenerative agriculture techniques, alongside a philosophy of social and economic restoration. ‘Pepitas de Oro' is already being commercialized on a national and international level.


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